Analytics Press Logo Turning Numbers Into Knowledge: Mastering the Art of Problem Solving

By Jonathan G. Koomey, Ph.D.

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Turning Numbers into knowledge

About this Book

Turning Numbers into Knowledge is your guide to better problem solving. It can help make you and your employees more effective in life and work.

Scientific team leaders can just hand the book to their new recruits and say "This book describes my expectations for the quality, rigor, and transparency of your analytical work", saving them hours of explanations and avoiding the time wasted by bad graphs, poorly documented tables, and sloppy data analysis.

Students can use the book to build and hone their analytical skills--their future readers, customers, and employers will thank them for it.

Journalists can use the book to understand the scientific process and how it interacts (for better and for worse) with the mainstream media.

And professors can use the book (as colleagues at UC Berkeley, Stanford, Georgetown, Rochester Institute of Technology, and other universities have done) as a training manual to teach the tricks of the trade that aren't often covered in undergraduate and graduate classes.

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